Écarg Therapeutic Bodyworks, LLC

"Facilitating Recovery Through the Process of Massage Therapy."


We are a multidisciplinary massage practice, operating locally in the state of Connecticut, yet reaching and serving clients nationally and internationally as they make their way to the northeast for sports, business, education, and leisure. 

Écarg Therapeutic Bodyworks, LLC has long had three main building blocks at its core:  Massage Therapy, Skin Care, and Wellness.  Each building block was developed separately and added to the practice as it became evident the time was right.  Massage Therapy was the first to be developed.  Skin Care and Wellness were subsequently added later.  These pages can be navigated from here by clicking Skin Care or WellnessTo begin an experience with us Contact Us now!

We are incredibly thankful for the opportunity to touch so many people with the "Gift of Massage Therapy" to relieve, reduce and correct pain, stress, and imbalance in the body in order to provide them a better quality of life.

The Mission of Écarg Therapeutic Bodyworks, LLC is three-fold in its application. It serves to:

1.  Educate clients about therapeutic massage and the benefits to be derive from it for various health issues.
2.  Create a plan of action to address their various health issues, and
3.  Equip clients to personally manage their health issues in between visits.

We work with clients of all ages.  At present the age ranges between 8 and over 90.  All our clients must be able to communicate the depth of pressure, level of pain, and direction and location of pain in the body.  Some of the conditions we work with include:  Frozen Shoulder; Rotator Cuff; Head, Neck, Shoulder pain; Upper/Lower Back pain; Upper/Lower Extremities; Manual Lymph work for dietary protocol, before the beginning of the flu season, before and after surgery; Cosmetic Surgery (Tummy Tuck and Liposuction); Pain associated with Fibromyalgia, Pregnancy, Arthritis, Sports Injury, Motor Vehicle Accident, Planter Fasciitis, and so much more, but best of all our clients get results.

Our many services can be specially designed for your individual needs. To request an appointment, call 203-285-6815, or click Contact Us.

Thank you.